It can be difficult juggling a full-time job/busy life with owning a dog

Most people don’t work close to home and/or work long hours which often means not being able to own a dog or have the time for one. Luckily, Wainwright’s Walkies offers a friendly, reliable, trustworthy service designed specifically to remove the stress from this situation and give you the peace of mind to go about your daily work without worrying about your loved ones. With tracked walks and an air conditioned van you can be reassured from your desk/place of work that your loved one is having a great time in the outdoors come rain, wind or shine. The full route, toilet habits and pictures sent straight to your phone/email.

I’ve been around dogs my entire life. From growing up with my family’s pets to owning my dog Arnold, I can’t imagine a world where I’m not surrounded by dogs and so looking after and walking other people’s dogs isn’t work or a chore for me. It’s a pleasure and even better that my own pooch can come along with me. Dogs are amazing creatures and I just love being around them and seeing all their different personalities. Knowing that I’m making them happy and giving them exercise, love and attention brings me great pleasure. It’s also great knowing you’re helping the owners have peace of mind that their loved ones are in good hands and enjoying themselves.

Helen Latz (Wainwright)


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